Dirk Harryvan

Dirk Harryvan

Dirk Harryvan is a specialist in the area of ICT compliancy to environmental and privacy legislation and highly experienced in the field of datacenter and IT infrastructure efficiency. In previous engagements he has always sought out those projects in which his expertise contributed to innovations that benefited the organization, their customers and society in general.

About Dirk

Dirk excels in team creation around technically complicated issues through his use of clear language and his ability to transmit knowledge and to the other team members.

As a result of both his formal scientific education and work experience, Dirk acquired a very broad technical knowledge base. Combined with his communicative skills enabled Dirk to successfully carry out projects in the field of ICT and datacenter optimization as well as doing more fundamental research in the field of ICT efficiency. Dirk’s expertise is especially well suited in projects where technically complexity and human behavior is combined. Getting the best out of both is his ultimate competency.

Dirk’s Expertise

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