Erik ter Brugge

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Erik ter Brugge

Erik ter Brugge is managing director of Ponta Tendermanagement – Uw Aanbesteding, providing superior tender management & support as well as procurement consultancy services.

About Erik

Erik has a proven track record in procurement and is known for his fierce purchasing skills he practised in major companies, amongst others Stork, For Farmers and TenneT.


As interim tender and contracting specialist, he also worked for various contracting authorities, mainly governmental. Resulting in a extensive knowledge base of both contracting as well as submitting tenders. This unique position guarantees high scores in the quality award criteria Ponta Tendermanagement delivers.

Erik leads projects with power and velocity, will respect your time, money and people and introduces you into new ways of operating in business with respect to tendering and purchasing.

Erik’s Expertise

Cross Border Transactions0%
Management Buy-outs and Buy-ins0%

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