Gert Slijkhuis

Gert Slijkhuis

Gert Slijkhuis is an accounting expert with a proven track record of helping companies to get financial better.

Gert (+316 53 21 61 28)

About Gert

Gert is a certified auditor and an Executive Master in Finance and Control.

He has over 30 years of experience within the accountancy profession, both in profit and non-profit companies.

Furthermore, he has experience in auditing both national and (complex) international grants. He has performed these audits both internally and as part of the external audits on behalf of various grant providers, such as ministries and the European Union (Brussels).

In his own practice he has several clients which he assists with complicated financial strategic issues and advises on various fiscal and business economics areas.

Gert is a die-hard auditor who has his own vision on dealing with problems and issues and audits.

Gert’s Expertise

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