Tax due Diligence

Tax due Diligence

Acquisition of new business through the purchase of shares or assets is often a sensitive balancing act. Identifying the key financials risks including tax risks is essential in determining the quality and price of the potential target. We have learned that identifying tax risks can have a significant impact on the market value of the target company and might constitute a crucial argument in the price negotiation process.

The aim of the tax due diligence is the analysis of the target’s tax treatment in respect of its consistency with Dutch and international tax regulations, case law of the tax courts and the regulations issued by the Dutch Ministry of Finance. Our services in respect of tax due diligence include, analysis of the target’s tax returns filed, tax assessments settled as well as the identification of tax risks.

Our due diligence services relate to the acquisition of the target (buy-side due diligence) as well as the preparation on behalf of a potential disposal of a target (vendor due diligence).

Tax due Diligence be the king of acquisition

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