Support and Advice Tax Audits

Support and Advice Tax Audits

Tax audits in the Netherlands (like in any country) can require significant time and financial resources. While not being the most aggressive in the world, the Netherlands tax authorities will critically look into all facts when assessing the tax payer’s position. Penalties and interest may be imposed with regard to any unpaid Dutch tax.

We have a significant experience in reducing the risk of corrections as a result of tax audits, while we can help our clients to proactively prepare for an audit. Strategies to avoid a potential tax controversy includes obtaining an Advance Tax Ruling (ATR) or an Advance Pricing Arrangement (APA).

If a tax audit occurs, we can assist in dealing with the audit. As an example, this can be done by functioning as your representative in the often complex discussions with the Dutch tax authorities. Further, we can assist you during litigation, thereby increasing the chance of the best possible outcome

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